What is Cactus Coun.SOUL.ing? And Who?

What is Coun.SOUL.ing?
I am Veronika Pavlicek, psychological counselor and Soul Survival trainer based in Vienna, Austria. I am offering my services online and worldwide in German and English. The condition of your precious soul is the centerpart of my counseling. That´s why I created the term "Coun.SOUL.ing". My mission is to guide you through life´s deserts. To strengthen you, empower you and enable you to move on. 
Why the Cactus?
20 years ago I travelled through the USA for several months discovering fascinating deserts and how specialised animals and plants can survive in this extreme environment. The cactus became my symbol for survival. Whenever I had rough times in my life I thought of the cactus which is able to develop a beautiful flower - after a long drought. Later I recognized even more symbolism in the cactus. The thorn, that causes pain and at the same time is a valuable tool for self defense. And the ability to store all the good things life has to offer, just like a cactus is able to store water in its stem. With this in mind I created my company "Ohrenkaktus" in my hometown of Vienna, Austria. Now it is time for "Cactus Coun.SOUL.ing" to become international.
© Photo: me on "Devil's Golf Course", Death Valley, 1999. In case you are wondering why I am wearing black despite temperatures beyond 105 F. I was a Rock radio DJ at that time and it was unthinkable to wear any other color.

Veronika Pavlicek. The Radio Host.

Coun.SOUL.ing for Performers
My expert field is the work with clients in deep life crisis. As I have 25 years of experiece (radio host, DJ and journalist) I am specialised in working with media and stage performers. I know how hard it can be to "run the show" when your own life is in a mess. Together we will find a way out of the desert. We both know: The show must go on!
The Voice-Soul-Connection
Since many years I am exploring the deep connection between the soul and the voice. If you have problems with your voice the cause is much likely to be found in your soul. Finding the root of the blockage and releasing it will help your voice to regain  its natural sound and strength.
Counseling and Mentoring
My counseling and mentoring programs are supporting you in gaining back your inner strenght. We work on your identity and your resilience. And - most important - I am listening to you. I hear you. I feel you. I went on air many times when I did not think I can possibly do it. In deepest grief and pain. With that experience I can show you the way out of the desert to the source of your power. Back on stage. The show must go on.

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The Cactus is listening...

  • when you are going through hard times in your life
  • when you experience a feeling of loss or are grieving
  • when you want to move on with your life in full strength
  • when you feel that you are alone or nobody can understand you

Survival Training for the Soul

No matter how tough your life gets. You can survive. Not only that. You will even be able to transform your pain into your most powerful resource.You just have to learn how. This is why I created the Soul Survival Training. The good news: you can literally train your inner strength like a muscle. With my special counseling programs and proven strategies we will rebuild your resilience and strengthen your soul. We will walk this path together as long as needed and as short as possible. This is my goal: that soon you will not need support anymore. Neither mine nor any other. You will stand up and walk on your own towards the life you have always dreamed of.

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